FOL Haven Totes mission is for Families in our Community.  

FOL Haven Totes mission comes under Haven Totes Inc.  FOL volunteers help rescue food and items from local grocery stores and other places.  The merchandise is then taken to the Pantry where it is shelved and readied for weekly distribution to the Haven Totes families.  FOL volunteers and members also help with Special Holiday Food for the families and with gifts for the kids of these families.  Another special event for these families is our back-to-school backpack and school supplies event at the beginning of the school year.  FOL volunteers and members also actively participate in this event.

This mission project is an excellent way for the FOL Congregation to share Christ’s love with others.


Tote Tree Gifts at Christmas

“Tote Tree Gifts” at Christmas is another mission that falls under the FOL Haven Totes program. It is another example of helping kids who are in need. Every child on our “Tote Tree” project will receive a clothing item for Christmas from a member of our congregation. It is a way that our congregation shares Christ’s love with others.