Connecting to the Family
Loving your Neighbor
Serving the Community

Three simple, yet powerfully descriptive phrases for Christians to consider when living in community with one another. Our Savior Jesus desired His people to live in community. This is clearly evidenced in such Bible passages as Matthew 18, Ephesians 3:10, and Colossians 1:24. People – connecting, loving and serving in faith for the purpose of extending the kingdom of God. So how do we do this in the 21st century?

We do this by living out these three simple words: Connecting Loving Serving.

Connecting… we, as the people of God, are connected to each other through our common faith in our Savior, Jesus making us a family. As a family, we connect through our affiliation with a Christian congregation; we connect by worshiping, praying, learning, and growing together in faith; and we connect by knowing each other by name and face as well as by heart and voice.

Loving… we, as the people of God, are called to “love one another as Christ has first loved us.” We express our heartfelt love for each other when we genuinely know the people around us. Our love is expressed to each other in a variety of ways such as common concern and care for each other; fellowship and work; and prayer and devotion.

Serving… we, as the people of God, are called to “serve as Christ first served us.” We are not called by Jesus to labor alone. Rather, called by the Holy Spirit, we are to work side by side serving the whole of God’s creation through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In our service to God, our Heavenly Father, and His one and only begotten Son, Jesus, it is critically important for us to build relationships with the people we serve with that we may become an ongoing and present blessing to them.