Fountain of Life – One Ministry: One Family!
Connecting, Loving, Serving
It seems like such a simple statement – a “no-brainer” if you will.  But in the large, diverse, and hectic world of a congregational ministry it is very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture; to focus so intensely upon the parts that you cannot see the whole.  Fountain of Life is a congregation with many important parts:  children, youth, families, school, music, worship, discipleship, mission work – just a sampling of the parts of ministry that make up the whole of the congregation.  We are diverse in age – from birth to 97 years old; each age group needing different kinds of ministry to serve and by which to be served.

And yet the Lord Jesus Christ unites us all together in One Family.  We are united by one common birth through the waters of Baptism.  We are united together by one common confession of faith – as properly understood through the lenses of the Lutheran Confessions.  We are, for better or worse, One Ministry:  One Family. 

Throughout this year of ministry you will continue to hear this recurring theme – One Ministry: One Family.  This theme will be expressed through events to bring all of our constituent parts together.  It will be strengthened by Staff members visiting the homes of the people they serve.  It will be blessed as we come together, from time to time,  as one larger worshiping community to celebrate our diversity and embrace our unity of faith and practice as Children of the Lord – forgiven and redeemed by the cross of Christ.

Fountain of Life – One Ministry: One Family!  That’s who we are.  As you explore this webpage I pray that you begin to see, feel, and experience the unity of ministry that we are striving to achieve as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Please be mindful of the fact that this is not our “end goal.”  As we grow together as One Family we strive to move beyond our comfort zone.  We will strive, as One Family, to move out beyond the comforts of our campus to serve One Neighbor and, in time,  One Community at a Time!